My boyfriend and I lost some trust, NOBODY cheated... How do I gain his trust back?

We went on a break and he started hanging out with other girls and so I started hanging out with other guys, when we got back together we both admitted what we did while we were apart, however we both lied and hid little details that came to the surface after we had put this behind us the. Trust was lost.


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  • How did you lose trust? It completely depends on the circumstances.


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  • How did you lose his trust?

    • Sorry updated question

    • Well neither of you respected the other person enough to be honest, and you were both too insecure to own up to your own actions. So I can't really see how you can have mature, trusting relationship when you both do that.

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  • What happened?

    • Sorry updated question

    • So did you agree you both could hang out with others? Then put it behind you. Either you are together, or you're not. You both knew that some details would hurt or upset your s/o resulting in trying to hide them from each other. (Or you both violated your "agreement".)
      Building trust needs time. He needs to know you will never cheat on him while you two are together. You need to make that clear to him. (And vice versa). Good luck.

    • Thanks. We were supposed to remain faithful when we were apart but he started hanging out with girls so I felt that agreement was broke

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