She won't respond to me?

Friday night I met this girl who seemed cute and cool. I wanted her number but my phone is dead so I asked her to write it down for me. She said she would just text me her number to make things easier. That night she text me so I would have her number. I waited till Sunday noon to text her and now she won't respond. Did I wait too long and she's ignoring me now or what?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She is not that into you if she stopped contact or she lost her phone. Give it a few more days and if you are still not hearing from her, then it is clear she was kind of interested but not enough to stay in contact.

    • Ok thanks, I was thinking it was cause I waited too long and she thought I was just playing games.

    • just 2 days later is not that long but could have made her think you weren't that interested either or you would have texted her the very next day as she was looking for or not if she was truly interested. So since she didn't respond when you did finally texted bc it hasn't even been a week, she wasn't that interested to begin with. Im sorry hun

What Guys Said 2

  • definitely ignoring you. if a girl wants to talk to you she will. no such thing as they were too busy, it takes 2 seconds to send a text to someone.

    • Ok. I thought it was because I waited too long and now she's being petty.

    • I've been ignored so many times, im basically an ignored professional

  • Forget her.