Pls help.. What do I need to do for my next relationship?

I broke up with my first boyfriend a few weeks ago and he's made it clear he doesn't want me back. I know he wasn't cheating because the day we broke up he still went on fb and checked text messages in front of me (he did that all the time)
he's described me as kind, genuine, loyal and funny, I don't get jealous, know to give him space with his friends, not clingy.
I've helped him with his new business that he's running with friends, but he's told me it wasn't in the cards for me to join. im supportive and encouraging, get along well with his family, get flowers for him as a surprise, we play music together, I get video games for him, we play co-op, I take him cycling, kayaking, movies, dinner, cook for him. Yet he never initiated anything except for video games which I bought.
I don't get what I wasn't good enough and if any guy would find me good enough for them.


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  • there is a guy who will appreciate you out there , dont let this set back make you give up all together. it sounds like you are a very caring person so i think the right guy will love this and will fight for you.


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  • Listen, your utmost mission and goal in life should not be to please and impress a man. There are greater aspirations than to be the most perfect 'Build A Bitch' you can possibly be for a guy who at the end of the day, could die in a split second, cheat on you, leave you, betray you, backstab you, outgrow the connection, etc. If you are trying to find your self-worth and sense of self-love in what a man's presence in a relationship or how he can make you feel about yourself, then you are always going to have low self-esteem and be disappointed. You have to truly love yourself first.

    You simply were not the woman for this guy. There are partners like you who look amazing on paper, make all the right moves, and don't essentially really do anything necessarily wrong yet there's just something missing. There's some level of chemistry that seems to be absent. The connection just does not spark something within his (or her) soul. The craving to experience every single ounce of that person's essence is either not there for whatever reason or it's a very small craving that fades away. That's just the way life works sometimes... it's apart of the process that drops us all in and out of each other's lives. You just have to humbly accept it and know that you are good enough with or without an ex's approval and desire of you.