Why doesn't he want to date me?

We have good friend chemistry
And we clearly have good sexual chemistry (he thinks i'm beautiful and he likes having sex with me a lot)
He says he just isn't ready for a relationship or girls cause his last girlfriend was mean to him and up him down all the time. so i'd understand if 2 months is still too early to get back into dating.
but Apparently he now has a girlfriend (not sure if friend was telling the truth)
I would also understand if he just didn't see me as more than friends but clearly the sexual chemistry and friend part is there, so it's not like he just sees me platonically.
When we were friends (in between zone) he would kiss me in a loving way and cuddle and hold my hand and caress me so again it's not like he just sees me platonically.
I'm just confused cause if you like someone's personality and can have fun and be comfortable as friends, but then also there's the physical attraction, then what other possible reason is there not to go for someone? And if he really is dating this other girl (they met after I stopped talking to him) then clearly it's not just cause he doesn't want to date anyone


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  • Why are you fucking him if he said he wasn't ready? "I'm not ready" means "I'm not interested in you unless you just want to fuck." You're another that fell for that manipulation tactic and got used. What do you think of him now?


What Girls Said 2

  • Whatever you do, do not try to prove you're better than his last girl... that's what'he wants you to do, Naga why he told you it! Meanwhile he will tell you months after sex and no relationship that he told you from the start he never wanted a relationship... So just move on don't read in between the lines leave him alone for good he won't really solve his issues over night

  • He already told you. He doesn't feel ready to be in a relationship with someone.