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OK so I'm dating this guy and he really likes me. Well I'm also talking to this other guy who really likes me too and I'm starting to like him. I wanna make a decision but I don't wanna break anyone's heart at the same time. Any advice?


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  • you will have to break someones heart eventually once you take your decision. you should tell the first guy you like him enough to be friends, but never liked him more than that and you did try, but it didn't happen. depending on his reactions tell him about the guy you will be dating, its better you tell him the truth then if he hears from someone.

  • gunna hurt one of them. don't be 'talking' to a guy when you have a bf. you need to stop and take time to think of the pros and cons of both men. who have you known the longest? who knows you better? how sure are you that the 2nd guy is gunna stick around?