Is She Interested In Me?

About two months ago one of my friends introduced me to her and everytime we would smoke and hangout, she would show up and we would have a chill time. I asked her to a formal, it went well we were dancing and hanging out the whole time. During the night my friend went up to her and asked her what she thought about me she said she wasn't sure. we ended up in her friends room and just sat and talked for about two hours and just had a really good conversation. I tried to make a move, but she said she wanted to sleep in her friends room tonight and she was too drunk so I went back to my room. Two days later we were texting and it was finals week, she suggested we hangout and do homework together. The library was packed so she ended up coming to my house and we spend the day together doing homework and hanging out. We basically did not get that much homework done because we ended up talking too much hahaha. The day after we were having a hangout with some friends and I texted her to come over, she said she was busy and might stop by. Then two hours later she ended up showing up with a group of her friends and we all started drinking and they left, me and her ended up hooking up in my room for a few hours, and fooling around. She said she had to wake up early to drive her friend to the airport which was true, so she couldn't stay the night and she seemed to be trying to decide if she should stay or should go. The semester ended unfortunately and it's now summer, so we've been texting back and forth about our interest summer plans and music. She says she really wants to keep in touch this summer. My question is she interested, and should i keep pursuing it? my worries are my friend told me to be careful because she is the type of girl that hooks up with a lot of guys so i don't want to get played. he also told me she had some weird fuck buddy thing with this other guy. Also she seems to be a pretty slow texter I don't know if that means anything.


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  • Ask her out directly, if she makes and excuse or says no, you'll have your answer.


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  • I'm going to say no he's not