When would you want a divorced man you're starting to date to tell you?

  • I wouldn't date a divorced guy (no kids, still great guy)
    56% (9)0% (0)47% (9)Vote
  • Before 1st date
    19% (3)0% (0)16% (3)Vote
  • During 1st date
    6% (1)0% (0)5% (1)Vote
  • After 1st date
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • 2nd date
    12% (2)0% (0)11% (2)Vote
  • I don't care/Other (explain please)
    7% (1)100% (3)21% (4)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Whenever it comes up naturally in conversation is fine. Being divorced isn't a deal breaker for me or anything, as long as it's the truth and not that he's separated or "on a break" from his wife lol


Most Helpful Guy

  • What bumbass said that he should tell the girl on the first date, no girl wants to hear about their dates ex wife when they don't know each other.

    • Really ok, It's going to be weird to date again, I assumed girls would want to know that pretty early on

    • Not on the first date you should wait until you know each other better. If you tell her on the first date you would scare her off. I would wait until you have established that you are indeed boyfriend and girlfriend.

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  • I think during the first date, this topic will come up naturally. Nothing awkward here. If she doesn't date divorced guys... at least you got one date. If she does... cool! :) Who knows what could happen! Good luck!

  • I would want to know it as soon as possible (before the first date and before I've wasted my time texting you for days/weeks) because I would never date a divorced man.


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