Why am I so sad? Is it because I'm single since forever? Is this normal?

I've been single since forever. I get so depressed over cute couples being happy and me allowed to date, but know one ever asks me out in school. Know one ever did. Ugh why am I even saying this it's stupid. Single forever. its just me myself and I so solo ride until I die...


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  • i mean i have never got a girlfriend and im older than you so... jaja dont worry its totally normal what you are dealing with is that you can't tolerate being alone, what i suggest is to take sometime to yourself for your own good and future relationships cause right now you are depending on being in a relationship


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  • No no no no... Guess what... I didn't have a Boyfriend until I was 16; who was my first sexual foreplay experience as well! I was a weird artsy, intellectual who was good at writing and was obsessed with music. My first Boyfriend was a Science nerd who was sort of a rebel at the same time. The relationship was very physical and I wish I could have seen the signs sooner. I don't think we LIKED each other as much as we LUSTED each other.

    All in all, teen relationships are just OK. Some last... some only last 2 1/2 months like mine did. Don't beat yourself up. It took me about 5 years after that to get into another REAL relationship. Your time will come too! Try meeting someone through your friend group... or someone in a higher grade, like I did back then! It's going to be okay! <3 My first boyfriend asked me to homecoming... and that is what started it all.

  • Well you're certainly going to be alone forever with that attitude.

    You're under 18. Give it time.