Go to his place for the first time?

I've been talking to this guy and we have made plans to go to a drive in movie theater to meet up for the first time, but kind of came to the conclusion we would rather play xbox for the first time to meet up. Is it a really bad idea that I want to go to his place and game even if it's the first time meeting?


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  • It isn't a bad idea at all. 😊

    First dates can feel quite awkward , as though you are attending an interview lol , so playing a game on a console will help you both to feel chilled out. The atmosphere will be more relaxing. You'll be able to have fun and a laugh, it'll be less formal than going for a meal or the ciniema.

    Plus, it's best to do something you feel comfortable with if not , then you'd both feel uncomfortable around each other. Good luck on your date 😊


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  • why not?


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  • Its not safe to be alone with him bc you don't know him and you being a female its not safe esp if you meet him online. Also, if you do that, just know he may try to come on to you which is very tempting when you are alone with someone you like. That's not even a date unless he cooked for you or something but just to play games? Your putting yourself in a position for something to happen sexually unless that is what you want then yea. But they may give him an impression or hope that y'all will have some fun. Most likely. Im not saying its definite; however it is too early to be doing house visits which is not a date. A date consist of goin out to get to know each other. at least the first date.

    • I see your point. He is planning to cook a meal and then we will play some xbox. Something sexual is not something that I am planning on doing

    • ok good. make him earn your goods bc you do not know what his true intentions are yet. Sex can wait