Girls, Was I wrong to do this?

I had received a message from a girl on Facebook who was hoping to hit it off with me. I was kinda shocked, but I was feeling lonely, so I obliged. What I didn't count on was the convo going from casual to talking about a relationship in an hour. This made me feel a little uncomfortable, so I did my best to let her down easy. I told her she was beautiful (she was) but that we had just met, and that I would've liked to have gotten to know her better, first. No replies. Was I really that rude for not wanting something to take off that quickly? Was I mean or in the right? I feel like an asshole.


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  • You didn't say anything wrong so you shouldn't feel like an asshole. Either she'll reply back to you with something reasonable or she won't. It's really nothing to beat yourself up over. I mean talking about a relationship with someone you didn't know when you brushed your teeth this morning is crazy, but who knows what was on her mind.


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  • I don't think you did anything wrong. You let her know what was going on and that you aren't interested before things went any further right? She's probably (or most likely) taking it a little hard and backing off. You aren't an asshole at all unless you said something like "Woah, woah, woah. You're freaking me out, i just met. Blah, blah, bloopity-blah.." If you had said something like that or worse, then.. You'd be an asshole. But you were a gent and let her down easy so don't worry.