He's going to a party and hasn't invited me?

Every year after graduation there's a party. You need an invite from one of the graduates to be able to go, and each graduate gets 5 tickets each. I've known a lot of the people graduating for a while (I'm a year younger than them and I grew up with most) yet I didn't get invited and I really want to go. My boyfriend got invited by 3 people (he has lots of close friends in the class) and he's been talking about how excited he is to go and how much fun he will have. He hasn't asked me if I want to go or if I want him to get me a ticket from one of the other 2 people who invited him. Does he not want me to come? We also made plans on the day of the grad, he obviously forgot about it so he will probably cancel them to go party with his friends without me...


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  • Have you expressed any desire to go?

  • You have one shitty boyfriend, you should ask him that you'd like to go.


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