Guys, please explain what does it mean? Why did he do that? Why did he act like it never happened?

I have developed feelings for my best friend, and have a crush on him for quite sometime now. Earlier today before the bell rang for first period, my best friend and I hugged, he asked me "do I get a kiss?" I was standing there in shocked that he asked me that and leaned in and kissed me on my top lip and said "I know I missed" and I was still in shocked but blushing after the kiss, I thought he had a girlfriend and I asked his friend about it, his friend told me that his girlfriend broke up with my best friend. After 2nd hour, I went to find him at lunch and asked about the kiss, but he acts like it never happen. I'm so confused about it, more importantly I don't know if he is playing with my feelings.


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  • It might have been the people around you that kept him from talking about it. Most girls like to put the guy, "on the spot" and the guy usually freezes or runs away. We usually feel pressed to have all the answers, when most of us guys are a spur of the moment type and need time to gather our feels/thoughts. When you're alone, see how he is around you... if he starts acting flirty then I would ask again. If he's acting normal, I wouldn't push the point. If he's acting with drawn, he might have just been horny/looking for away to feel better after the break up.


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  • I think you should confront him about it again in a more lonely environment. Let us know how it goes. Good luck.

    • So I did confront him about it, he said that if he gets his car before we get back to school which is Monday, that we should make it official because he does feel the same way, however we saw each other at orientation and kissed, then that same night he made his relationship public with a friend of his. Today I saw that he broke off the relationship over Facebook, and about an hour ago he asked me for this summer assignment paper that he didn't do, after I sent him the picture of the assignment, he said "thank you ;)" while I replied "no prob :3" and as of now I don't know what to do or react to his text, I don't know if I should be mad or not. I might be crazy or probably assuming that he likes me, I don't want to ask him because he is going to deny it. Is that a sign? Does he like me? Am I assuming things that might not be true? Am I going crazy over this situation?

    • The only way to end up your agony, would be to ask him.


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  • do u want to be w/ a guy who kisses you and acts like nothing happened an hour lateR?

    remain friends.

  • He is a teenage her has no idea what he is doing. Though it does sound like he does not want to talk about it around others. Try doing it back to him at sometime. Don't push what happened to much to him. If you do mention it again tell him that you enjoyed it and you would like to kiss him again sometime. As you walk away just flip your hair back to get it out of your face. I can almost garentee he will try it again after that encouragement.


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