She thinks I'm replacing her?

So the girl I like thinks I'm replacing her because I think her friends told me they saw me walking with another girl. I'm probably the farthest you could get from being a playboy, and to top it off the other girl I was walking with is a lesbian.

What the hell do I do? She doesn't know I know how she feels about this.

TL;DR Girl who I share mutual interest in saw me walking with another girl and thinks I don't like her anymore/am replacing her.


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  • Pay more attention to the girl you like and ask her to hang out. Also, remind her of the place she has in your life.


What Guys Said 2

  • Tell her nothing could ever replace her. Then smile.

    • that's unexpectedly sweet for a guy called "DarkHumorRUs"

    • thanks too bad I'll probably never get to use that line

  • Just explain that you like her, and that the girl you were walking with is just a friend. LOL

    • Yeah but it'll be really weird if I go "oh dont worry dude im not replacing you" when she doesn't even know that I know

    • Say you heard it through the grape vine