She wants another try, but I don't want to lead her on.

I had a girl tell me that words are meaningless and actions speak louder which I agree. Then she asks for a kiss and I put some emotion into it, and I felt she wanted more but I pushed away and said it couldn't happen because I didn't feel the spark. She wants another try, but I don't want to lead her on. Is saying no the right thing?


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    This guy I liked always used to freak out after he STARTED kissing me& I could never tell if it was cause he did not feel it or cause he was worried about it... It always drove me crazy.

    Then he would always end up telling me he had feelings for me, & ten freak out when he kissed me... He seemed to be into it- but maybe he thought I wanted more,idk - but he would not listen to what I SAID just what he THOUGHT I MEANT - I think.

    Let me ask you, when you say o spark, do you mean not a particular sort of feeling, or that you are SIMPLY NOT ATTRACTED TO HER, OR NOT ATTRACTED ENOUGH?

    Do you guys know each other, is she a friend, did you date, are you NOT attracted to her?


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  • Saying NO is the right thing. Where is HER level of confidence? If someone doesn't feel a spark , then why try to coerce something that isn't there? If you didn't feel it the 1st time around, chances are, there won't be explosives during the 2nd kiss. She'll get over it, eventually! Tell her you're simply not interested.


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  • Yes, that is the right thing to do. I would be firm by letting her know there is absolutly no way you are going to date her. If it means you are no longer friends, it's better to end the friendship. If you lead her on, she'll waste her time on you; it's better to let her go so she can get on with her life.