Girl Trouble. Long story. Help?

Girl Trouble. Long story. Help?
Every time I used to talk to her, she used to simply walk away. I gave up trying, and continued on with my life. I asked out my best friend recently, and I am going out with her. Now, girl A broke up with her boyfriend, and talks to me a bit now. I have no intention of leaving or cheating on my girl, but I also have feelings for the other.

How do I get rid of them, without hating her for what she did to me? Its kinda complicated, since this is all new for me.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I say not to be with girl A I mean she completely ignored you before, and now when you're in a relationship she's interested in you? That's messed up. My advice stay with your current girl, but whatever you decide is fine.

    • I do want to stay with my current girl, but how do I forget my feelings for the previous one?

    • Don't talk to the previous girl anymore it'll just make your feelings for her stronger

What Guys Said 1

  • She just used you man. She had sone problems with her ex apparently, so stayd away from him gor some time.. During which period she talked to you and fed off your attention while she was away from "ex" boyfriend. I bet she didt do anything sexual with you. Then she got him back so she didn't need you anymore. Now that she knows u have a girl, and kinda wants another break to "br" with you again. Dont even try to contact her. This might develop into a pattern. And then you would become a male version of one of her plates