How will a guy let a girl know he is not interested?

I like this guy but I'm not sure if he likes me. Should I just give him my number? Or just assume he is not interested in me? I'm older than him. Could that be an issue? I don't look my age. Maybe he doesn't know I have a crush on him? Should I continue going up to him to talk or wait for him to come to me?


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  • He might be vocal about showing his disinterest and also his actions will indicate the same, like he won't reply to your text messages quickly, he will always try to keep himself busy and won't make time for you. He won't treat you in any special wayt.


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  • If you like him just make the first move. You should be old enough to know better than play these games.


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  • Maybe try hinting on it slightly to him or just risk it and give him your number. He'll call you and you'll have an answer. You don't know what could happen if you don't risk it. All great thing's happen after you risk it. The age shouldn't matter guys kimnda like an older woman

  • Guys are pretty easy. If we don't like you we don't treat you any special

    • How would a guy treat you special?

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    • Well he talks to me and whenever he gets a text he tells me who it is. I thought think maybe I'm wasting my time but maybe he doesn't know I like him. He never mentioned a girlfriend, maybe he is just playing the field.

    • Well yeah that's a possibility he doesn't know

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