*HEP ME* Do I meet his parents?

I suffer with anxiety and get really nervous about this kinda thing, I've been putting it off by faking plans or illness on the days he's asked me. He's met all of mine, and I've met his distant family, but not his Mum/Step dad/Siblings. His ex lives with his family (not him) and I'm scared I won't live up to their expectations, like she does. I don't know what to do.

  • Go for it. Meet them
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  • Dose up on alcohol to take away the nerves.
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  • Carry on putting it off
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  • Try to talk to him about it
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  • tell him how you feel. tell him that it's important to you that you make a good impression but it only makes you more nervous. how long have you been dating? and why does his ex live with his family? story time!


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  • How long have you guys been together? It seems serious if he's met yours and you've met other relatives. What makes you so nervous about this? If it's about the ex, don't worry (even though it's a little weird) because the thing is, he chose you and he's with you now. He'll stand by you when it happens, you won't be alone.


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  • seeing that others haven't mentioned it ( i didn't look). why is his ex living with his family. ( this site just keeps giving) i say go meet them and prove your much better than the weird ex.

  • Talk to him. I know anxiety. If my girlfriend would say smth about how she was anxious about meeting my parents, I would try to make it easier.


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  • A combination of the first and last. Talk to him about it, maybe he can help prepare you for meeting the parents.