The guy I'm seeing is kind of shady on social media?

I'm seeing this guy and we haven't officially made it a thing. Now, it isn't a friends with benefits sort of thing cause he's expressed how much he likes me and even said he wanted to date me and we have gone on 6 dates and we're taking it slow and he shows no sign of wanting to move quickly inspite of our intense make out sessions where he completely melts and seems completely infatuated by me. he's acting normal towards me it's just that (and I'm even annoyed at myself for checking Instagram) he's liked pictures of girls in our area (that he obviously knows) and the first one was of this girl on a night out with her rump showing like she had a short dress on and I just? Why? The thing is he doesn't even like a bunch of pictures it shows up on Instagram of him liking just that one picture. I feel like that completely threw me off and I don't want to say it happened a second time but he liked a picture of another girl like just that picture except it was a selfie/self portrait sort of thing. I just... It hurts cause he CAN find other girls attractive but why is he letting them know by liking their pictures and... Just common courtesy. I don't do that and it's just really confusing cause if he likes me so much then why is he trying to grab the attention of girls he knows. It's really confusing. He's so about me when we're together and everyone thinks he's a good guy (would never fuck me over) and i don't think he's been in a relationship before. He even told me "I didn't think this would happen to me" once we went on our first date. Helppp

(He liked the booty pic earlier on and just recently liked the pic of this other girl and her portrait and I don't know they're not friends she's like his friends sister? I just don't know what to think)


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What Guys Said 1

  • This is exactly my problem with social media.. He is likely just liking the pictures because he likes the pictures. My advice, get off of social media, it will cause less stress that way. Social media is the leading cause of breakups and divorces now. Its kind of sad really.


What Girls Said 1

  • Guys are kinda clueless. He probably didn't think anything of it. To him, it's not a matter of common courtesy the way it is to you. Some people "like" basically every picture they see, as a way to say "hey friend, nice pic!" Him liking the pics of those girls is not necessarily a sign that he wants to be with them.