Should I ask if he'd be interested in seeing me again?

I've been talking with an amazing guy for the past 4ish months. I met him for the first time yesterday, since I went to college abroad for a year and we met online. We bonded a lot through Facetime, etc. while I was gone and I feel a strong connection with him, and he's said that he's felt it before, too. When we met it was so surreal, incredible and natural. We had sex twice, but we cuddled a whole lot more, went out, and had normal conversations when we weren't having sex. I left the next afternoon (today) and he didn't want to get out of bed with me, kissed me goodbye, etc. Throughout the day (s), he was talking about different things we might do in the future. My question is: would it be weird, presumptuous, or desperate to ask if "this is something he'd want to do again"? It seems like a more curious and rational way to put the control in his court rather than ask him to see me a certain day since I'm naturally just not that direct, just so he knows that I am interested.


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  • Perfectly fine to ask


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  • No there is nothing weird or desperate about it.