Does he even like me, and how long should I wait for him to text?

I met a guy in a class in college, and towards the end of the semester, I asked if he would be open to hanging out before going home for the summer. He immediately said yes and asked for my number. I gave him my number and he texted me a week later (the last week of school) to ask if I was still wanting to hang out, and we met the next day. I knew he was busy with finals so I understood even though he texted me late (3 days before I was leaving campus). When we met for coffee, we talked for a solid three hours about our life- family, future goals and hobbies, and he walked me back home. He saw my apartment and afterwards he seemed wanting to continue talking so we walked to his place to see where he lived. After that, he tried to walk me back to my place in the dark, but I said "oh, you don't "have" to", and he just took my word.. lol Anyways, he then said, I had a great time, It was great getting to know you this semester, let's keep in touch over the summer and hang out when you're back- I'll take you to lunch/dinner... and he said, "should we hug?" and gave me a hug and he says "that's what we're supposed to do, right?". Its awkward at times, but I felt like he and I had a good connection ( we have so many similarities, we both seem to know what the other person feels about something without them telling directly and we understand each other pretty well), so I kind of thought he liked me? But what makes me unsure is that after hanging out he never texted me anything for over a week now. I feel like when we do see each other we have this really awkward, shy, but genuine connection, but I feel uneasy because when we texted about hanging out, his texts were very dull without any emojis, and after hanging out he hasn't texted me at all too. Does he even like me, and how long should I be waiting for him to text? I know we won't be seeing each other until three months later, but that shouldn't mean we should just be like "out of sight, out of mind" until then, right?


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  • if you want to hear from him send him a text.


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  • So what? Why are you expecting him to text you? Why don't you text him instead?

    • I can text him, but it's just that I feel like if he really did like me then he would have texted me by now... I wonder if it's worth it if he doesn't feel the way I feel about him. Maybe I'm reluctant, because the last time I liked a guy, I texted him a few days after the date and it went nowhere (we basically texted and flirted for months and later on he never asked me out)? Thanks for your thoughts!!