First day seeing him at work since having delegation should I do when I see him?

i am wondering if I sit in my desk next to his and I sit down do I say hey good morning like usual and vent sunny self?
do I just do my job like he isn't even there and wait to see how he reacts?

Do do I move my desk if I can to a different one?

the reason I ask is I have been off the last couple days they are my days off. And he just got back from a funeral and he was gone a week when he got back he called me and we had a lot of energy do we hooked up but he stayed home that day since neither of us slept. And he was still out. But I expect him to be there and I am nervous how it will feel. When we work we don't have access to our phones. And I am thinking he needed to catch up on his sleep after his shifts but I still wonder why he hasn't texted the last two days. That is why I am wanting to act like I don't know him or at least like nothing happened super cool toward him like I have no feelings like it was nothing to me.

He came in a new girl was in his spot so he picked a charit so we can see each other face to face while talking I am just working


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  • Just act cool and calm and just work like nothing happened. Let him chase and come up to you. I would just focus on work. But it is up to with what you want to do.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

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  • I think you should act like you used to in the past. There is no need to alter your behavior while you're in a work environment.


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