Guys, lol, I know girls will look: does the amount of men a girl slept with affect your feelings or view of her? if so how many would be too many?

And how many would be enough when dating a girl, reason I'm asking is my girlfriend got drunk with me and she told me she had been with 30 guys or more and some girls, we are both 21 and it's made me feel a little uneasy because I've only been with one, my girlfriend lol.

  • 5 men is fine
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  • 10 men is fine
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  • 15 men is okay
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  • 20-25 men is okay
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  • 30 men
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  • 30 men or more is fine
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  • Let's see these results!!!
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I would also like to add that I'm not a prude I get it, I'm most likely not the first guy a girl has slept with but 30+ kind of freaks me out not including girls she has slept with you know.


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  • Whoa! 30 at 21?
    Sorry bro..
    Not wife material


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