How to win over a guy you have previously rejected?

About a year ago I drunkenly kissed a guy at a party who turned out to be a really good friend of my crush at the time. He asked me on a date but I rejected him because I was really into my crush. A couple of months later I ended up dating my crush briefly but it ended badly when he admitted he didn't really like me and was just using me. I've got to know the guy I kissed better recently and found he's actually a really nice guy and I am crushing on him a little. Given that I rejected him to date one of his best mates and that didn't end well, am I crazy thinking I have a chance with this guy? If not, how should I go about things with him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Give it a go and see what happens. Although, don't be hurt or surprised if he
    rejects you. You opened that door. I would reject you. Why should I give you a second chance? Why am I good enough now and I wasn't then? This is how men think.


What Girls Said 1

  • Be straight forward with him