Girl I like found me on Twitter and I started following her, got curious and look at who she's following and found Some lesbian pages, Is she straigt?

Like I said she's a girl I like and want to date and she's following some (3) lesbian pages on Twitter but yet this girl always talks about her dream guy on her page and getting a boyfriend, having kids and getting married to her dream guy, nothing I have found besides that shows she's lesbian or bi, is that something that should catch my attention or is there any advice about that someone can give me? Just that I'm scratching my head over here and am confused, so what do you think, I thought she was straight and signs pointed to it except for that, if it also helps she's a hardcore Christian girl so her page is Also ridiculously full of God stuff as well, what's up here?


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  • She could be bisexual.

    • I know but all signs point to not she's never had a girlfriend always had boyfriend I've known her for a looong time, by what she posts she s not bi but I don't know what's up here, I'm just confused cause nothing points to that except for her following 3 lesbian pages, and like I said all posts are about wanting to find a boyfriend etc.

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    • True, we don't even know if she is bi, well I guess if we get together and start getting serious or whatever I could ask her right, thanks for your help too :).

    • You're very welcome, I hope things work out for you!


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  • It could be she is Bi with a Girl and a Guy, And perhaps she is Not All That 'Hardcore Christian girl,' She is just hoping that she can Eventually move on from One side to the other with Another, With the Right guy who can Hopefully Help her to be more God like.
    Think it over carefully if this is someone you want to get to know. Remember, You may have to Accept her, Or just Anyone... Unconditionally.
    Good luck. xx

    • I don't know it's just that she always posts so much God stuff and is strongly anti abortion always posting about it, I just can't see it you know and now I'm confused because I think she likes me, she's never had a girlfriend, I've known her for a loong time but never her sexual orientation which I thought was straight I'm just confused.

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    • Yea lol not trying to be rude or whatever but she kind of takes the God stuff to a ridiculous level about what you are suppose to do and not do this or that lol, that's the only reason I'm scratching my head. Cause of her very strong vocal beliefs lol

    • lol!!! I like her, she sounds very unique. xxoo

  • Following lesbian pages does not mean she is gay

    So if you follow a did page, does that make you a dog?

    • Yea but if I follow a weed page, it's most likely that I smoke the weed, if I follow a dog page it's most likely I have a dog or like dogs you know

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