Drank way too much meeting this girl - fixable?

My friend set me (35) up with her friend (29) .. We met at a beer fest - both were attracted and we had a great rapport and w her friends. After the fest I tagged along w their group to the bar she works at. I was there half an hour, mostly talked to her friends, all cool. I told her I'm gonna head home. She pulled out a ticket to a party that night and invited me. I saw no harm. There we had fun, all cool. I was interested but wasn't acting overboard - which is never a problem w me anyway. We both had a great time, she was laughing and acting interested. So at the end of this party it was maybe 10. I was gonna head home and her friend was picking her up from that party to their next one. I decided to head out w them to this house party. So that she wouldn't read into it too much, I emphasized that my regular friends were all out of town and I hadn't been out drinking in a bit so I was just going w the flow. At this party she and her friend acted like cold bitches. I talked to some of the other people then left. Was there maybe 40 min. I felt super awkward! I was expecting a house party where I could make new friends and drink more that night, it was a small gathering of her close friends. Doh! Unsurprisingly she told my friend a few days later she thought I was good looking and cool but she was expecting more of a meet and greet, not a date. And she said it was awkward at the end and I came off clingy, and her friends were like who was that guy. My friend suggested she try to meet me 1/1 but she said nah. I wasn't seeing it as a date. I hadn't drink that much in a year, my friends were out of town, and I had been hitting it off w her friends until the last place. Was having a good time so going w the flow. If i wasn't drinking so much, I wouldn't have gone to the last party sober, just impaired judgment from drinking haha. Let this one go? My friends wouldn't see me acting clingy, Im centered, non needy. But all she knows about me is that one night!


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  • For me it seems that they're small minded, I mean what happened in that isn't a big deal, Just don't give a shit man let her take it the way she want, they don't deserve it.

  • Man just move on I haven't been on this earth for that long but one thing I can say is that women are unpredictable you be yourself but in order to be yourself you also have to act this way and be exciting, women say you are too clingy but then when you back off or do something then you are a jerk or don't care, then if you do you are smothering her, lol, I will never get this crap just move on man and good luck.