Help!! Guy is ignoring me now!! But I think it's my fault and I don't know what to do?

Hey guys!

I met a guy on Tinder and I have gone on 3 dates or meetups or what have you with him. I am 18 and he is 24. He is really cute, tall, extremely funny and smart, starting his masters degree in chemistry. He bulled me and gave me a hard time, lots of teasing and all but we never made out or anything.

Here's the problem: yesterday he wanted to get beer and make a small campfire and just hangout. I did not feel comfortable accepting his beer or making a campfire. We never ended up making the fire and I started texting my friend a lot while I was with him. At the end of our hangout I asked him why he was on Tinder and what he was looking for. He said he was on Tinder because he likes trolling girls.

Afterwards I texted him because I wanted to keep the conversation alive and after a few exchanges he was saying how it seemed I was moving into relationship territory. I just replied "Ew" to that, because I didn't know what to say.

I kept on joking around with him over text and he started dropping one word replies. He then suddenly replied with a longer text message saying that he has a two strike rule when it comes to girls disrespecting him/being rude and that I broke that rule. He said it was my texting in front of him. I replied sincerely and apologized twice and felt really bad, but he never replied and to this day I have not heard from him.

Am I doomed? Is there anything I can do?


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  • how long has it been since he has texted you?

    • 2 days now and we used to exchange 8-10 texts daily for the last month

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    • Ok thanks so much

    • if he does or does not respond it is a lesson learned, and you will learn to treat the next person your with a little more respect. best of luck to you

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  • Considering your age being 18, i could see you are the way you are. It's too late. You weren't serious and you blew your changes. He was better off with someone older and mature. You are just learning your mistakes as you move through life.

    • Ok I see, and yes I agree.

      Though I don't understand how a month of meeting up and texting daily could go poof because I texted a friend during a meet up and sent him a text with the word "Ew". I didn't understand that it was this easy to blow my chances.

    • You shouldn't be texting him when your seeing him

    • Him- your friend


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  • Its totally rude and disrespectful to text when you are with him, say sorry and ask him out.
    If he says no then learn your lesson and move on.

  • Lmao you wasn't even in a position where you could mess with him, A lesson for you, don't get ahead fo yourself & think you own someone expecially that his 24 and you're a kid of 18

  • you totally fucked up in the part were you said 'eww'.

  • You're an idiot! LOL

    • I think it's unfair to be that blunt

    • No you're really an idiot! HAHAHHA.
      You go with him to hangout and you spend all the time texting your friend and are uncomfortable with making a campfire? wtf.

      He then starts talking to you about relationships and you reply with "ew" nice one.

      Cut the bullshit and stop joking around so much. Noone likes childish, immature girls.

    • I admit that I am in the wrong here. I take responsibility for my actions.

      I just don't understand how a month of meeting up and texting daily could go poof simply because I texted a friend during a meet up and said one word: "Ew".

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  • I think you're doomed unfortunately. Perhaps next time you can put your phone away when spending time with someone? It is rather rude to text and be on a "date".