What does this mean? Do I like him?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me like in October but every time I see him, which I hardly see him cuz we go to different schools, I want to be around him, like right next to him. And sometimes he's standing by me. The last time I saw him was at conference for track. And also a lot of my friends say that I like him, I tell them I don't but I feel like I really do. Him and I text a lot, well I mean we did text a lot. Now we hardly talk but I can't stop thinking about him. Like sometimes I space off and next thing I know, I'm thinking about him. I honestly wish him and I were still dating but cuz we can't see each other it's hard to really date. I'm in 7th grade and in 5 days I'm in 8th grade and the school my ex boyfriend goes, my dad teaches there, so I'm going over to that school. Now I will see him. Do you think he will start to like me again? Does he like me now? Do I like him? I've never felt this way in my life. My friends say that I act weird around him every time we see him and he sees us. And once he see's us, it's like we are standing by each other talking, like my friends and I are talking to him and his friends , and him and his friends are talking to my friends and me. But It's like... I don't know... I can't really describe this, or how I'm feeling. Please help me ASAP... #likehimornot


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  • No I think you don't like him


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  • I would say you are. Just one thing to make sure, just double check how you feel. I've learned from experience. Sometimes I'm caught too much into thinking about the guy that I end up thinking I like when I really actually don't. When I truly like someone, I think that they really do complete me, that they allow me to feel happy to be alive, and that they make me feel like I'm better because of them. I wouldn't say that young love is impossible but it really does depend on the people. When you actually like someone you can imagine living with them and being with them for the rest of your life's. If you feel something like this, they I would have to say your pretty much like him. I'm only 16 years old and I'm not in love right now but I would like to wait until my college years so that I could actually spend time with him and feel like I will be with him forever. But this is just my experience and opinion, I hope it goes well for you either way!!! \(^_^)/

  • I'm going to go off from experience here, now I'm not that much older than you I'm 18, but no where in what you described did you mention or say anything would make me think or believe you love the guy.
    Your 15, and yes it's possible to fall in love at 15, I know because that happened to me and I was with that guy I loved for almost 3 years until he broke up with me.
    However what your describing sounds like a crush, you liked him and yeah you guys could have had a thing going but he left. What you describe sounds like an obession. Not like crazy stalker girl but simply, you like the idea of being with him.
    I wouldn't worry about it, even if you go to the same school, you might meet someone completely knew. From your details there's no way to say whether or not he likes you.
    But if you guys do have something it'll happen naturally, just try not to get to distracted. best if luck