How to get a shy/introverted guy to like me?

i really like this guy who's in the grade above me. we only see each other on the bus. we text about once a week, and i'm always the one to start the conversation. and when we do text, some days he doesn't seem that talkative/interested. we never talk in person either. i really like him and i really wanna date him but he's so shy and i don't wanna be too pushy or flirty please help


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  • With time and patience with him. He does seem very shy. Just keep trying and see what happens. At least you have his number to text him. So I guess that is a good start so far.


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  • You can't do anything to make him develop feelings for you. You can simply keep talking to him and show interest in the activities/things he enjoys. You could also ask him to hang out just the 2 of you to strengthen the bond.