I think my boyfriend might stray?

I have been dating this great guy for 1 month. He told me about this girl who went to his school is crazy for him and physco this and that. But I know deep down he had feelings for her too because she does love him, and tried to get with her before me. And he's kinda a flirt and his last relationships only when from 1 month to 2 but that was earlier in high school now we graduated and I'm going to a college 3 hrs away from him and that girl who I know he has a weakness for is going to his college! what do to you guys think?


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What Guys Said 1

  • another one that bites the dust... "hes kinda a flirt " "his last relationship only 1 month to 2 " lol

    lol your sooo osure he has feelings for other girl... grow up already, you can't ever know that.

    you just like players , keep getting played.


What Girls Said 2

  • It has only been a Month of Mondays here, m dear. With what you know with His History, It might be Best from the Rest to Not wear your Heart on your Sleeve, Should he Leave.
    It seems that he has to Prove a bit more Proof in his own Jello Pudding, So for Now... Stay on your Guard and keep check of this Sticky Situation.
    Good luck. xx

  • I think you might be right. Why don't you keep your options open and take yourself as well?