Having trouble with a boy I might like?

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So there's this boy who I find really attractive. We have talked a couple of time last year and maybe once this year, but I can't seem to get him off of my mind. We have no classes together, but we do have mutual friends. I was thinking about maybe asking my friend for his number so I can text him and maybe ask to hang out. Would that be weird?

I genuinely do want to get to know him more. He's smart, a gentleman (from what I hear) and an all around good person. Im not usually insecure about myself but this makes me nervous... What if he doesn't like me, or im not his type? What if he thinks im weird and ignored me? Or tells his friends some weird girl he barely knows just texted him? What if he thinks im ugly? Worst of all, what if he likes someone else? I don't mean to be annoying with these thoughts but thats what goes through my mind, can't blame me.

I don't necessarily think im ugly. Im prettyish... I have some acne and I feel as if that turns a lot of guys off. Also, im very unathletic and he's, well, athletic.

Anyone have any advice? Im very conflicted at this point.


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  • being nervous and scared is understandable, but guys commonly get rejected by girls, so more than likely guys are not going to make moves, and girls usually experience the complete opposite, (girls usually dont get rejected), so best bet is to just tell him how you feel. simple as that


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  • If he doesn't like you, it's fine. Move on. Rejection is a part of life.


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