I quit my job for him, now no answer?

I was seeing my manager at work for about 7 months quietly. He is about 8 years older than me. I told him I have feelings for him and I want more. He told me that he wants to but he can't get fired because of his kids and such, which I get. We stopped seeing each other but we would still text and flirt. He cares and texts me when I'm sick asking what's wrong, are you ok, etc. When I would say lets get together he said his job is at stake and was shut down, but he would still flirt back. I finally quit my job after a few months later. I said we need to celebrate he said yes. But since I've texted him a few times and he answers but when I ask if he wants to go for a drink or dinner or coffee he doesn't reply. I sent him a text asking if he wants to see me again at all and nothing. I went into work and he acted like nothing happened. I texted him again saying what's the deal and he said he didn't get my message. A week later I asked again no reply. Either way I want to know if he wants something or not and he can't tell me. Is he just thinking or ignoring me and want nothing to do with me. I go into my old job it's not like I'm not going to see him again. If he wants nothing more why can't he just tell me his feelings and what he wants. Do you think he still cares or likes me? I do know he's not seeing anyone.


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  • He obviously liked it when it was a secret and he had the perfect excuse of "his job is at stake" to not go public with you or risk his job, however by you quitting, that eliminates a problem and puts him in the position to acknowledge your relationship, but he's gone the other way, showing that he never really wanted it to be a public or serious thing. Accept that and try to move on a little wiser.

  • Looks to me like you are a easy target for him. From what I see he doesn't want you as a girlfriend/ wifey material. He just wants sex. Don't be weak minded. If he wanted the things you wanted for ex. Going out to dinner, checking up on u to see if you're okay , hanging out with family and friends, than he would of made all these things happen already. 😕