Should I give him a chance or trust my gut feeling?

I started writing with a guy on a dating site 2 days ago. He said he was looking for a serious relationship too but after messaging for a while I got the feeling that's a lie. When he asked me what I'm looking for and I told him what kind of man I want in a relationship he kept saying "Ok I hope you'll find it :)" over and over, giving me the feeling that he wasn't gonna be it. Then he also asked me "how far do you think it's ok to go on a first date". When I told him I don't do anything on a first date, besides hugging, and that I just think a first date is for seeing who the other person is irl and if we'd like to see each other again, he said "Yeah I kind of agree with you actually, but a kiss could be ok too if everything feels right :)". I just got the feeling that he's hiding that he thinks sex is ok on a first date. I feel like that's what he was hoping to get to by asking.

He has written in his presentation that he wants a serious relationship with someone he can have kids with. But he has also written that he just ended a 4 year relationship with a girl he lived together with... So I'm thinking it's just about sex for him?

Anyway I stopped replying to him and almost deleted my account because I'm so sick and tired of guys on dating sites just wanting sex and lying about it. But these past two days he has viewed my profile a dozen times and sent flirts a couple of times too. I don't know if I should continue talking to him or not. What do you think his motives are? I don't want to waste my time on a guy that just wants sex. Should I trust my gut feeling or just give him a chance?


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  • As a rule of thumb, men will pursue whatever you let them get away with. So don't cave in to make someone else happy. And yes! Guys prowl dating sites for vulnerable women to take advantage of. I know plenty of guys that brag how much sex they have gotten off Christian Mingle. com. Always trust your gut and take your time.


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  • I think you should trust your gut.