Is being shy a turn off? How to make him like me more?

I am an ambivert, I am not shy around people I don't know, however when it comes about talking with guys I am interested in, well things really complicate. There is a guy I liked from a very long time and now we talk again, I am ok when we're at a party or when we're in a big crowd, but when it's time to be just us like talking on the phone or texting it's usually a big mess. He says something, I get it different, I say something, he interpretes different. And that's when the awkward situations happen. And I gave him the impression that I am shy!!! He told me I am really really shy and it sucks because I didn't want to be like this. With other guys I didn't have a problem, however I didn't like them that much but anyway... Sometimes I look uninterested and i don't want to make him distance himself. I am not experienced at dating and right now I am feeling like shit because it's like I can't really be myself. I don't know if I overanalyze this and make a bigger deal that it actually is or it's something really important.


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  • give him the cooch

  • It's not a turn off but if you're shy, then someone can't get to know you enough to want to date you.