Is she interested and should I bother calling her?

There was a girl I was talking to for a while and we both had strong interest in one another. But her ex rentered the picture so I told her to reach out when she figures out her situation. Months went by and we started talking a little bit again. She has multiple jobs so she acts aloof, taking a day or so to message me but we set up a date to get together. It went very well. Laughing at everything I was saying, deep eye contact from her, she was being very touchy and mentioned getting together again. The next day I told her I had a good time and looking forward to doing it again. She replied back to that the next day saying she had a great time as well and wants to do it again but unsure of when because of her schedule and referenced an inside joke that we had on the date. 4 days went by and I called to see when she was free. She didn't answer but messaged me back within minutes saying she was with family. I asked her when she was free this week but she was very aloof saying she was busy but will let me know if anything changes. I withdrew the offer and said some other time where she said she'll see what her schedule is next week. I told her to give me a call when she figures it out which she never responded to. She initiates conversation at times so I'm not expecting to hear from her but she doesn't ignore me either. She knows what I want and Before when she was with the ex she said it wouldn't be appropriate to see eachother. So the fact that she's willing to see me now to me says it's not just friends So my question is do you think she still has some interest and should I try calling her again after a week or so. Ps, she mentions nothing to me about still being in a relationship, she removed it on FB but I suspect the ex in some way is still in the picture. We both kind of run in the same group of people so I will see her again, and I don't want to put her off now in case she is with the ex and an opportunity presents itself down the road.


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  • She doesn't like you in the way you like her.


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  • Turn the tables on her. Don't go out of your way to contact her anymore, and don't show any more interest in her. If she contacts you, then only put in enough effort to merely keep the conversation alive. She needs to make a decision and if she senses that you're withdrawing then it'll put pressure on her to act and you'll either win her or you won't. But as long as she's getting attention from both you and the ex then she has no incentive to choose, and she might even be enjoying it. In the meantime, keep your options open elsewhere. If you can work another girl into the picture and create a jealousy plot, then both girls will want you, guaranteed. Good luck.