Need some help on making conversation?

So, my boyfriend was saying i should make conversation more, Even though im the one asking how his day went, and what did he do and such. But he is the one answering with one word answers like good, and this and that. So what are some good questions to ask him to make good conversation that isn't sexual just a normal conversation?


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  • You should tell him that it requires two people to hold a proper convseration and if he is only answering you with one-word answers he is not investing in holding a conversation.

    That being said guys do talk less than girls on average and aren't as much brabblers. Not to mention that there is a chance that you talk to him in situations where he doesn't want to or talk to him about topics he isn't interested in.

    Either way it is something you two should work on.

    • Yeah, for sure. I told him already once that it seems like you just dont want to talk just tell me, but i also told him that if he could give a little more in conversations he'd say yeah but he just doesn't do anything about it

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  • I'm having the exact same problem, been with my partner for almost two years and still struggle for conversation! I can babble away for hours and he replies with one word answers he speaks with no passion but sometimes all it takes is encouragement, try talking about him, things that he's interested in or things you both have in common I. E friends music TV shows? XXX

    • Lol yeah it's been 9 months, with the guy im with and ill ask him questions and he'd give me like yeah or a one word answer. I guess i would have to talk more about his interests! Thank you


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  • Common interests

  • Talk about thing you both enjoy.

    You asking about his day/life might not really be interesting for him, maybe he the kind of guy who do not like to discuss thing about him.


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