Girls, Girls what would you do or have done in this situation?

So girls, theoretical situation here.

There are two guys.

Guy A: You really like this guy! You think he is interested in you but he's kind of slow with things and kind of shy. So you are not really sure.

Guy B: This guy is OK, you don't really have an issue with him. But you really don't like him as much as guy A. However he's more bold and is faster at pushing things along. And it is clear he is interested.

Guy B brings up dating before A does. You need to choose between waiting for guy A or moving along with guy B. Girls, have you been in this situation? What did you choose? And if you haven't been in this situation what do you think you would do if you were?

Answer as honest as you can. :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • i think i would wait on guy A because his shyness might be getting in the way... give him time..
    when it comes to guy B... he's going too fast... and it doesn't sound good


What Girls Said 2

  • I thunk it would depend on my gut and which choice I felt was better. At the moment I think I would choose guy b though.

  • guy a or nothing.
    i want the guy i want and if he's not in the same place or is too slow, id rather be alone until i meet someone new whos better than both.
    i would never settle for someone who isn't exactly who i want