Is he starting to really like me?

We've been seeing each other for over a year now. This has included dinner/movie dates mainly. But as of late we are seeing each other more (at least twice a week for sleepovers), texting or calling every day just to chat and going on dinner dates with his friends and their girlfriends. He's been acting extra affectionate and to me he's looking at me differently. Last night he took me to his moms house for dinner. He lives out of home so this is the first time I've met her. She said it's about time she's met me like she's heard a lot about me. If we're out and people ask if I'm his girlfriend he says yes and introduces me by my name. (He's 27 and I'm 22)

Do do you think he starting to like me more as a girlfriend? Things just feel different, I feel so much closer to him now. He knows I like him.


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  • Haha! So, it finally happened!
    Glad for you :)


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  • He obviously views you as a girlfriend.


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  • sounds like it

    • :) his mum really liked me he said after and she wants me to come to more things

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