How to ask a guy I am seeing to join a nudist club with me?

I have always wanted to join a nudist club in my area, and have found one. I have never gone to a nudist club or resort before, but feel it would be fun to try out with a guy who I am currently trying to start a relationship with. We are long distance but planning on meeting soon for the first time, and thought this nudism thing could be an activity we do as a couple if it works out. I just don't know how to ask him without scaring him off. Should I try? If so, how should I go about it?


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  • REALLY? This seems like a good idea, to you? No offense, but if I was the guy, I wouldn't even come and meet you, if I knew you were planning that!!
    Is he a nudist? You said you aren't, so how do you know you will even handle it well?
    For guys, meeting, after long distance, then going to a nudist club. TOO MUCH, TOO QUICK!!!
    How about just meeting, having a few dinners, seeing some local sites, watching a few movies, cuddling, kissing, a little foreplay, then sex.
    Get comfortable, together, for about 6 months to a year, THEN suggest a nudist thing, AFTER YOU have been there, to see if you are even comfortable with it!!


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  • If you want to, sure. Nothing wrong with that. Just casually mention it to him next time you see him.


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  • Just tell him. There's a nudist campground in the state I live in that I've always wanted to go to but I've never had a girlfriend that would

  • That is not something you ask a guy you are only getting to know if you're wanting him to be a long term boyfriend.

    That will most likely scare him off.

  • What if he has a small pee pee?


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