What does it mean if a guy you've been talking to recently says he wants to have a baby with you?

He said it a couple times.. He seems to be serious about it.. I've explained to him what would happened if hypethetically has a child and he says he knows about it all, I've asked if he would stay on the child's life and he said of course. He also said we would make cute babies. What do you think?

Also I've asked if he just wants sex then tell me straight and be honest with me, and he said he doesn't want just sex, if he wanted it he would of got a one night stand with another girl but he didn't.


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  • Do not Pass Go here, dear...
    Something along the way could Backfire and you would be left... Holding the Diaper bag.
    Bringing an Innocent life into this world takes a Mature decision and a lot of Planning, Should anyone want to do this the Right way, And not take a Wrong Path into a Dark Direction.
    Tell him you are sorry, You do not know him well enough to do anything so Spontaneous as This, And that you both are not even in love or an Item as Recent as This.
    Good luck. xx

    • *It could be too being that you do not know anything about him, He is "Spitting out bullets" and knows where it goes and no baby, just sex... I have heard of this too. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence, and a good night to you. xxoo


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  • it could be seriosu but most guy say anything to get between your egs then they leave you in the dust when your pregnant. i have a friend who got done like. this guy said all these wonderful things to her he got what he wanted and just vanished after she got pregnant.

    also giving her std's the kid great you couldn't find a cuter baby but the piece of shit dad has just vanished not caring anything for her or the baby.

    i think you should play your cards right nd hold them close to yur chest so he can't see them. he could be bluffing you. but what ever you do just be safe and dont let this guy make a fool of you.

  • So. Can he support a baby? They're expensive.

  • it means he wants to have a baby with you...

  • Wtf, that's not a good reason. "We'd make cute babies." You better get married first... trust me, you don't wanna be a baby mama.


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  • It means he's attracted to your features, but it's probably something he shouldn't be saying out loud. But, if he's only saying it during intimate times it means he's just caught up in the moment and really means little.