Should I go out with him or not?

my friend Tatum has been exactly that for almost 10 years one of my closest friend's dated him for a while and I was there to pick here up during their ups and downs when he refused to. and I hated him at first...then I left for university and two years later he's right there with me...his faculty is right next to mine so we see each other often enough...we started talking to each other on a friendly basis and then a couple times in the last two months he's called me and talked to me until late in the night. then yesterday he asked me out with first I thought maybe it was a group thing but then he said "like on a date". I would admit to having a thing for him once but now I'm not sure and then this date that he asked me on...maybe I'm over reacting and making a big production of it but what do you think...


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  • You can try but if it doest work out it could destroy your friendship


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  • Considering you've known each other so long, you know for sure he knows you, and you know him, so it won't be awkward like when you go out and date some random stranger just because you saw them on the street and thought they were kinda cute.

    I'd say date him.