Don't know what I should do?

So I've been talking to this guy I like for awhile now and I want to go out with him and he wants to go out with me expect I'm worried about our age difference and plus I feel like he stuck on he's ex or whatever they were but I don't know what I should do its just a lot because we have a lot in common but at the same time it's like we live in to different worlds.


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  • Hahhah I have the exact same problem, Im 14 and he's 16, thing is he really likes me and I like him too, my iggest worry is that he'll waant sex and Im not ready, but I think you dont have much to worry about since most guys understand.
    But it also depends how much older he is, above 18 and its very much illegal :)
    Be careful, and its normal you feel like you're both from different worlds, you are both different ages and going through different things in life :)


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  • Whats the gap difference?


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  • If you feel like he is stuck on his ex, then you should probably let it go.