Why do guys just want to be friends with me?

Every time I meet a guy we talk and I don't like them at first because I have to get to know a guy first before I develop feelings. Then I start liking him and they either avoid me or it doesn't go any further (i. e. Doesn't ask for my number.), but they seem happy around me. What am I doing wrong? This happens with every guy. I know they are at least attracted to me? Did I scare them off some way?


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  • They want to ask you out but they're nervous because you appear not to like them back, or they'll just keep you as a friend because that's the only vibe they got from you.

    • How do I change this? Cuz my crush now likes someone else and I feel like I'm too late but I want to tell him that I like him. Also he hasn't told me about any girls or mentioned her. I found it on his Twitter account.

    • If he likes someone else it probably is too late. He'll probably appreciate you telling him the truth but it may not change his decisions. If you really feel that way you can confess. The thing about a lot of guys is, if we talk to a girl and she doesn't show interest we'll talk to other girls, but we'll still appreciate the honesty.

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  • Ohh boy I want to know the same thing. Im in a exactly same positions. Any ideas will be helpul that is why for me is so hard to get friends or even a guy that attracts me yes at my age.