Whats wrong with him?

so , i have a crush on my junior. im a year older than him. i did said that he got confessed to me 2 times but i rejected him cause im to shy. (i got mentioned about this at my 'im to shy to say ' yes ' ) he has a girlfriend. but the thing is, he always call me ' baby' ' honey ' and he also said that he loves me. and he miss me. but isn't that just weird? like why would you say that to me when you already have your gf? id be lying if i said that im not happy if he calls me that. but the thing is i dont want to be what do you call it? the one who destroy their relationship. i dont want to be that kind of women that just make me sounds like a bitch. so why is he being like that? guys, would you say something like i miss you or i love you to the girl/guy that has a crush on you when you already have a girlfriend/boyfriend? i asked him why is he doing something like that, and is it okay if he called me something like that? won't your girlfriend mad if she knows this? and he said that its okay, she's the same too. doing that kind of thing to the other guy. and i was like urrgh. 😑 what should i do? i should be over him like a month ago but he always do something that makes me fall for him again. 😒 what is wrong with him? saying i love you to me when his profile photo is his girlfriend pic just pissed me off. 😒😑


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  • he's building a harem.


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  • Yes, that is weird. He is dating someone else, he shouldn't be telling you those things. He is being disrespectful.