If a girl texts first?

I haven't really talked to the guy that I like. I tried texting him once and we did have a short conversation which ended up dying fairly quickly. I'm like 70% sure that he likes me, and I think one of the reasons why he didn't do anything about it is because I never showed him that I was interested (I do tend to ignore his existence because I'm extremely shy and kind of insecure, but then again so is he). And school ended a few days ago and since I'm a senior and he's still a junior, I know won't be seeing him again, but I don't want it to end just like that. Or, at least, I don't want to keep these feelings for myself and I just want to tell him how I feel, whatever the outcome.

Will he feel creeped out if I message him and just tell him how I feel?

And I won't be messaging to like ask him if he wants to date, it will be more along the lines of "I find you attractive and I wouldn't mind trying dating, but I won't really mind if you don't want to"


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  • He shouldn't be creeped out
    texting first is perfectly okay

    • Is it still not creepy if I'm planning just to straight off the bat tell him that I think he's cute and pretty much just leave him to decide what he wants to do with that information?

    • I don't know, it depends on the person, I guess.

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  • well, sure text him!
    just do'nt open up with "hey, I have a crush on you" in the first text you send.
    be more casual about it. you can say something like "hey, since we are on summer break, I wanted to know if you're up to meeting me for ice cream anytime soon?" if you get the date, show him you are interested when you see him in person. be flirty, send ot the signals, he cannot read minds ;-)


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  • well first of all, congrats on graduation! Now down to business... what exactly do you hope will come from that? Are you going away to college next year or something?

    • Thank you! I'm taking a gap year, so I'll either be volunteering abroad or I will come back to this city that I'm currently living in (since my parents live in a different town and I have to come back there for the summer). And I don't know, I guess I just want to know how he feel about me, and I don't really mind it if he doesn't want to date or anything, I just kind of want to let it go and finally be done with school because even though I'm graduating, it doesn't feel like it, probably due to the fact that I still have unfinished business there

  • tell him

  • nope he won't if he do he's a... lets say he's stupid for not getting into relationship with ya


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  • Uhm.

    If you tell him how you genuinely feel about him, he might not reciprocate those feelings. Which sucks. But in the long run it is a darn good thing you found out.

    That way you can begin the mourning process (denial, regret and then go out and buy yourself a Kate Spade accessory and say ''Fuck it, I’m too fabulous for him anyway!''