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So a few weeks ago I met this great guy downtown at the bar and we hit it off. After meeting at the bar we hung out for a while and talked and exchange numbers. We then texted and talked to each other on the phone for about week and then finally decided to catch up. We out out for dinner and we ended up meeting up with his friends and then afterwards made up for a while. We both wanted to take things further but I am not the type of person to just have sex on the first date. So ended up going home and now its been few days and he hasn't texted or called. Should I just forget about him or give him a text? I just had such a great time and have been thinking about him non stop since our date.


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  • yeah reach out to him if you like him and just be like Hey how are you haven't heard from you in a while and see if he responds. if he does not respond then he was not that into you. Why? when everything seemed so great. Well, did he try and you turned him down. Then that could have been all he wanted and was not really to wait for it like most guys nowadays. that could be it but its a good thing bc you are doing it the right way to weed out the guys who aren't with you for you.

    And they will act like they like you so much all the way until they get it. Not to say you are not a likeable person. im sure he enjoyed you but guess like that who already know what they want from you si what they want.


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  • I would wait a few more days before I gave up on him but it does not look promising, he should have texting you later that night or the next day in my opinion, I always prefer that. Or made plans for a second date at the time. I would not text him though, if he wanted to text you he would and I would never text him first. Maybe after a little while but at the very beginning I make the guy text first. It sounds to me like he just wanted one thing, also the fact you met up with his friends after shows he wasn't taking you that seriously and also immature. A mature gentleman would not take you to meet up with friends on a first date. That is the problem with meeting men in bars, you said he wanted sex off the bat, sounds like that is all he wanted. Run far away from him, I know you like him so it is hard to believe but he is not taking it seriously.

  • Maybe... he's waiting for you to text him?