I miss him very much, is there a chance he will come back (I'm NOT sitting around doing nothing, I am keeping myself busy)?

Hey guys/girls,

Sorry, this might be a longer post. I have been kinda down for the last month because of a break up. I am hoping for your KIND opinion on the subject of seeing if he will actually come back or if he is making himself an easy way out. Please note, I have changed/removed the names. Here's my story:

I was dating this guy for a bit and we happened to fall in love. I just turned 27 and he is 30 years old. I have met some of his family and he has met mine. The biggest thing of all is he let me meet his 4 year old child. We got along famously and we were both really happy that we bonded so quickly. He was never married to his ex, his little girl became unexpectedly. I must say him and I started dating rather fast but everything seemed so right and we both agree that everything was going well with us. I am going to show you 2 text messages, one from me and one from him. I want to let you know we met up a couple days later to discuss the situation further.

FROM ME (after he discussed that he wants to think about our relationship)I miss him very much, is there a chance he will come back (I'm NOT sitting around doing nothing, I am keeping myself busy)?FROM HIM THE NEXT DAYI must add that he had to work late on tuesdays and thursdays. Also he is now into 2.5 months of not smoking. We haven't really talked or seen each other since the day after we met up. He is on my Facebook (as we are still "friends") but blocked from my posts. His classes will go to the end of June and I know him and he (and I) aren't ones to fool around outsides relationships. He has told me he had to grow up since his daughter was born. A few of my friends are saying that he seems to have a lot on his plate and to just give him time. This is what I am hoping for although but I'm not sitting on my butt waiting for him. I just have hope. Gentlemen, please give me your kind opinion on the situation and ladies your feedback might help.

Thank you!


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  • Well he put it really nicely, almost like a writer! I always stick to "it doesn't matter how is done, but what is done" when it comes to breakups, so even though he put it really pro and with a (what it would seem) a legit reason, it doesn't dismiss the fact that he doesn't want to be with you. Everything that's said before "but" doesn't matter, ya know? It's up to you what you want to do, but I wouldn't wait around. Not because I think he is bullshitting, but because it's not fair to me. I would also consider this as a BS because when I love someone and I have a lot of shit in my life, that person would only be a plus, a support for me and I would hold to that. But I guess not everyone are the same. Or are they and this guy is a huge player? You can't know. All you can do is not blame him and take it as it is and move on. Be opened to dating others and time will tell. If he comes back when you are still single and still into him, cool. If not, well still cool. Just don't sit around and wait! That is very selfish to ask of someone and it's very painful for you. Sum all this up into a "he doesn't want to be with me" and move on.

    • It's funny how just because he wrote it so nicely people will give opinions to wait for him, but if for example he just said "I don't want to be in a committed relationship right now" people would tell you to move on. It's so ironic because it's exactly the same thing, just put differently heh. :)

  • He still loves you and I can see it's very possible that he comes back to you!
    It's funny, this is kind of similar to my situation, and my name is Sarah lol.
    But yeah give him some timento get his life together

  • I would wait for him.