Why would a guy tell you he's got others interested in him?

A guy of 45 started dating recently. He seemed very keen. Whilst with him for the wk end he told me that he'd got others interested in him. I was a little hurt as he'd chased me. Just wondering why this guy would of said that. I would no way tell someone that as I wouldn't want to scare them off..


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  • It's an arrogant sales pitch." Act now I might be gone tomorrow"


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  • The reasons I come up with are as follows:

    1) He did not think it was a big deal to say it. He probably assumes others are interested in you especially if you met through online dating.

    2) He wants you to think he is good catch. And he would not be wrong in the sense that woman find a man more attractive if other woman want him. whether it is a good strategy to say it himself, that is debateable. lol!

    3) Most unlikely, he is brushing you off. I say that this is unlikely because it is not usual for a man to not to say what he means and to do it in aroundabout way. If it is this last scenario, good riddance. Who wants a man like that? It is almost women like. lol!

    If you want to be exclusive with him, why not ask him to be exclusive? Just wondering.

    • He had said he wanted to be more than friends. As far as I knew he'd come off the dating site. Strange as he said he'd fallen for me and just when I opened my heart to him he dumped me

  • Maybe just being honest and showing loyalty to u by telling u