Do big booty woman have higher standards?

I see from personal experience that men want woman gifted in the posterior area. This is just personal experience but every single guy I've met have always wanted a big butt, regardless of where they are from.
The guys in my dorm always talk about one of the librarians we have, she's in her 40s, but have I would guess close to 50 inch hip measurements.

So assuming this is true that the vast majority of men prefer woman with big behinds (it probably is), do woman who possess these body types have higher standards than woman who dont?
I mean a big booty girl can say she wants the perfect man who is muscular, 6'2, handsome, and all that.

But would it then make sense for a skinny girl with no ass and boobs do want the same perfect looking tall muscular man when they are not that desirable themselves?


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  • Lol I'm skinny (with a decent ass for my size) and 5'10" and even short hair (God forbid!) so probably hella undesirable in your opinion and I have absolutely no problems attracting guys.
    Funny but most guys seem to forget about their big ass - long hair - 4'11" - preference once they see me..

    • Oh and yes I have high standards for my partner and based on my own experience absolutely no trouble finding someone who meets them - at least the physical part.

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    • I was just a bit surprised because there is one thing dating someone that is not your type becaus you like their personality but I never met a guy who's told me he prefers naturally skinny girls over thick ones with big booty. Therefor I assume the competition is pretty high there.
      Just as the competition for men 6'3 or taller would be very high among woman.

    • I'm glad that I'm apparently one of the women that tall athletic men prefer then ;)

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  • Not really, in my experience women's standards usually aren't related to the size of their ass.


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  • The size of someone's butt literally has no correlation with standards... just depends on the person.

    • The size of a girls butt has correlation with how desirable she is by men. A girl who has a big butt is attractive to men and can have high standards when it comes to looks. A girl who has not ass and boobs is not attractive and cannot have the same standards based on looks.

      Same way a guy thats 6'4 is desriable and can have higher standards than a guy who's 5'6.

  • Nope, it depends on how shallow they are, not the size of their butt.
    Same for everyone else, regardless of sex.

  • The bigger the booty, the bigger the standards


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  • Humans are strangely illogical beasts despite being the ones coming up with logic. Fascinating!