Should I stop talking to this girl?

So I asked this girl in my class to prom and she said yes and I did a promposal for her and everything. At first things seemed pretty good, we were texting a lot. Mostly because she had mono and was out of school when I asked her so that was our only form of communication. When she came back to school she never talked to me and whenever I sat next to her and her friends she pretty much ignored me and I always had to talk to her first. Also when she came back she stopped texting me less and was always late answering my texts but she would always be talking on Twitter with her guy friends. At prom she didn't say a word in the limo and I had to initiate the conversation the entire time even during and after prom but if she saw one of her friends she would actually talk. When we were dancing she wouldn't even look me in the eyes and was barely dancing but when she would dance with her friends she would actually dance. My friends mom thought she didn't want to be there because she was basically on her phone the whole time. Also whenever I would try to ask her to hangout she would say that she has work but then she never tells me when she is free. So does she even like me as much as I like her? I really do like her too but Should I even talk to her anymore?


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  • I think you should. She is not interested in you.


What Guys Said 1

  • Some women are just pragmatist bitches. Don't mind her. She doesn't worth. I hate playing, sneaky women.