I like my best friend's brother?

Before I get into detail about what is happening. I need to clear things up so it will hopefully make sense. I was having difficult problems with my past crushes which makes it really hard for me to like someone and be able to trust them fully. It causes me to think i like someone when I don't. If I end up thinking i like someone 3 times it is a crush. So I only had 3 crushes since that incident. It was RV, Senior, and Midget. Midget is my best friend's brother. At the bbq/campfire/sleepover yesterday, my friends decided to tease me and him. They believe he likes me. They believe that we would be together at the end of the summer. They have bets on it. Midget always teases me, messages back within seconds, is always around (child said that). They say we are perfect for each other because he would treat me right and we are both stubborn and short. We have something common. Same movies, birthday, sports. I don't really know him but I like someone I can be comfortable with and it is the friend or brotherly feeling I get. But I don't know if he does. He said i could like you within a snap of my fingers after he told me about him and his girlfriend breaking up. But I don't know what I should do!


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  • According to Agent Double BB8 (my friend), she said that he could possibly be a fuckboy who just treats women as things and not people, at least that's what we're seeing, no offense. Because they just broke up and immediately Midget starts looking for another girl, which is not normal, because it usually takes a while for someone to rest from a breakup. No offense thoo :}

  • Well whatever you do, dont call him midget in person


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  • ... Midget? Oh my!
    Anyway, I think Midget likes you back! Gotta love midgets!